Q: About us – Who are Property Care & Rentals?

Property Care & Rentals was formed by an already well-established real estate company, StartGroup – StartGroup are established on the costa del sol since 2003 so are a well renowned company with vast experience and lots of clients. To offer a well-rounded service to existing as well as new clients, Property Care & Rentals has been created. Today with the established 2nd home client base and the many new developments StartGroup are selling, this service is something that is an attractive addition to StartGroup clients who want a “one stop property shop solution”

Q: Can I sign up for vacation rentals only?

No. To get your property listed and properly managed on the rental market takes a significant amount of time and work; start up includes but not limited to, property registration with local authorities including town halls and police; detailed inventory; professional quality photographs; addition of mandatory items such as complaints book, first aid kit; an information pack both for the apartment appliances and the local area; listing on third party websites. These are just some of the processes to get a property listed. We therefore only enter into vacation rental agreements under the full property management programme and with properties which meet a certain criteria

Q: What other fee´s are involved in the vacation rental process?

Our annual property management package includes the majority of the above process (and all other services listed as included in the tariff). We charge an additional 30% rental success fee which is just that (based on success). If a booking is made for less than 7 days (3 should be the absolute minimum) then we charge 20% success fee plus cleaning and laundry

Extra´s such as the supply of a welcome pack of some food basics, or if you need a cot or high chair rental for example, or extra cleaning, charges will apply accordingly

We have to add IVA (value added tax) to our fee´s. Rental income however does not have IVA included. You should speak to your accountant/financial advisor to find out what taxes would be applicable to you. There is a formula for vacation rental whereby you can offset the costs of the rental income against the cost to generate that income (so our fee for example, utility fee´s, local authority fee such as IBI, community fee, insurance etc) But as stated you will need professional advice on this. 

Q: What guarantee´s for rental income do you offer?

We cannot guarantee rentals to you because we do not know your price expectations. Of course, once an apartment is set up for rentals and if the pricing is correct, we are quite certain that apartments will be attractive vacation rental options. It is in our interest to maximise potential as we charge a percentage of income

Q: What are typical rental prices?

For vacation rental income, we work on a dynamic pricing policy. We can give you an estimation as a base to work on, but if there are periods of slowness, or for example there is a period of high availability via other apartments in the rental market in the same area, then to “win” a booking it has to be priced correctly. We work on 3 pricing bands, low season, mid season and high season. Prices are based on what your apartment offers (location, sleepers, pool, sea views, parking, terrace size, extra guest comforts such as Netflix etc) From the base prices WE WOULD INITIALLY AGREE ON, we can then apply certain discounts when required to entice dead time to be used.

Q: What is Modelo 179?

Modelo 179 is a form that any property manager carrying out vacation rentals on behalf of the property owner is obliged to submit to the tax office. The modelo 179 requests information such as renters details, dates of stay and income generated. This acts as a cross reference for the tax authority to ensure all income is correctly declared by the property owner.

Q: What does parcel receipt mean?

Parcel receipt means you can have small parcels delivered to our office and we will take them to your apartment

Q: What is the difference between vacation rental and long term rental?

A rental becomes classified as long term if it is for 2 consecutive months or longer for the same person/family. Long term rentals have a completely different set of rules (law) to those of the vacation rental system

Q: How will I know if you visit my property for an inspection?

After each routine inspection, we will send a report via e mail which will include photos and text. If there is anything to report this will be included and further discussion can take place where a solution is required

Q: What happens in an emergency situation related to my property?

One of the main benefits property owners love about our property management programme is the peace of mind it brings. If you or a third party discover an emergency, such as a leaking pipe, or loss of power, it only takes a phone call to report this to us and we will investigate and arrange remedial action whilst keeping you informed during the process. If assistance from your insurance company is required, we can also assist in the claims process.

Q: What prices apply for the property management services?

Please request a copy of our Tariff for all pricing details and the range of services offered